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Crochet a Star Stitch Blanket Square

Today I’m back with another free blanket square pattern for the Winter Wonder Squares Blanket Crochet-A-Long. If you’ve been following along with the CAL, you’ve probably already seen some beautiful designs. A few with texture, a few with color work; you might even remember my Mt Rainier Square from Day 4. Today I decided to bring you a textured square that would be a great option as a filler in your blanket.

The Great Star Collection

So I thought I’d first talk a little bit about the origins of the square. It is actually based on my Great Star collection. This collection started with a pumpkin pattern using the star stitch. I then made a beanie, a cowl, an ear warmer, and even some wrist warmers, using the stitch combo. Check out those links for the free patterns for each.

One of the things that I love about this collection is the versatility. Most of the pieces are fully customizable for any size. And as long as you have a tape measure handy, you can use any weight yarn to make them. You can find the free patterns for each of these following the links in the previous paragraph.

About the CAL

So if you’re not familiar with the Winter Wonder Squares Crochet-A-Long, it’s a collaboration of 18 designers. Each designer is providing a free blanket square pattern and allowing free PDF downloads of the pattern. (Keep reading for the free PDF code and link below.) The CAL is being hosted by Claire at BearRye. You can find more info, plus the links to all the other squares here! Check out this little mini collage that I put together from some of the squares that have been released already! Can you spot the Great Star Square?

About the Square

This blanket square is just full of texture. It’s simple enough to make a great filler square for the Winter Wonder Squares Blanket, but complex enough to be eye-catching on it’s own.

It essentially uses three stitches: the star stitch, half double crochet and single crochet. You will need to know Front Loop single crochet and Back Loop single crochet, but if you’ve done ribbing before, you’re likely already familiar with those. And of course, the star stitch. While I think I’ve done a decent job explaining the stitch, if you need a little more visual help, The Spruce Crafts has a great tutorial on the stitch here.

Winter Inspo

When Claire asked me to participate in this CAL, she said the theme was winter. This is pretty open-ended. It’s been pretty fun to see what winter means to different people around the world. We’ve seen some snow scenes and trees, as well as some nods to the Christmas holiday. My friend Sarah over at The Plush Pineapple even showed us that sometimes winter can be warm and tropical with her Winter Pineapple Square.

I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to use my Great Star stitch combo once again. I think it has multiple layers of meaning surrounding the winter season. My first thought was the bible story of the wise men following the star to find the baby Jesus. I also thought that the star stitch was reminiscent of a snowflake. And finally, I thought this texture is just so dense and cozy for winter.

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have been enjoying the CAL. I’ve loved designing these squares and I hope that you get a chance to use them, either for the Winter Wonder Squares Blanket, or for another project. Be sure to follow along and post your progress on social media to be entered in the giveaway for prizes. Use the hashtag #winterwondersquares on Instagram to be entered!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Materials Needed

Approx 55 yds of Worsted Weight Yarn
Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

Stitches Used

Ch – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
SC in BLO – Single Crochet in Back Loops Only
SC in FLO – SIngle Crochet in Front Loops Only
HDC – Half Double Crochet
Star Stitch


16 sc = 4” (With I hook)


Ch 30. SC in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across. (29)
Row 1: Ch 1 and turn. SC in FLO of first stitch and each stitch across. (29)
Row 2: Complete a row of star stitches doing the following:
Ch 3. Insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, pull up a loop. Insert hook into next ch, pull up a loop. Insert hook and pull up a loop over next 3 st. (6 loops on hook) Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. Ch 1 to close star stitch (eye of star stitch).

Insert hook into eye of star stitch, pull up a loop. Insert hook between the last two spikes of the previous star stitch, pull up a loop. Insert hook in the same stitch as the last spike of the previous star stitch, pull up a loop. Insert hook and pull up a loop over next 2 stitches. (6 loops on hook) Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. Ch 1 to close star stitch.

Repeat from * across until you finish the last star stitch. Hdc in last stitch (same stitch as last star stitch). (14 star stitches)
Row 3: Ch 1 and turn. 2 Hdc in the eye of each star stitch across. Hdc in top of last star stitch. (29)
Row 4: Ch 1 and turn. Sc in BLO of first stitch and each stitch across. (29)
Repeat Rows 1-4 four more times (for a total of 5 rows of star stitches). Tie off and weave in ends. Block your piece.

Find this Pattern on Ravelry!

You can find this pattern on Ravelry, and until Christmas Day 2019, you can download the pattern for free using code GREATSTAR. Find the pattern here!

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