Pineapple & Pine is a maker community geared towards designers and makers. It focuses on designer features, crochet-a-longs, and design collabs. So whether you’re a blogger looking to share your designs with the crochet community or a maker just looking for some great makes, there’s something here for everyone. You can find Pineapple & Pine on Instagram or join the group on Facebook. And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can keep up with all the latest news from P&P.

Behind the Scenes

Pineapple & Pine is the brain child of Sarah (The Plush Pineapple) and I. We wanted a way to share our work and include some other designers and makers in the process.

Sarah brings the bright, tropical vibes of A Plush Pineapple with her. Her enthusiasm for networking with other makers really brings a friendly spark to P&P. She also has a knack for amazing graphics and photos. Sarah’s Instagram and blog page are all things fun and pineapple-y, so naturally she is the “Pineapple” of Pineapple & Pine.

I (Kelsie), of Crafting for Weeks, am the “Pine” of the equation. As a Pacfic Northwest maker, it only made sense that a pine tree was my contribution to this venture. What I lack in graphic design savvy, I make up for in logistics and detail planning. My Instagram would tend to lean towards cooler tones and more woodsy vibes.

About Pineapple & Pine

Upcoming Event…

Pumpkin Palooza 2022 Blog Hop

The next Pineapple & Pine event is the 2022 Pumpkin Palooza Blog Hop! This super fun event begins Sept 1. There will be a free pattern download on Monday-Saturday through Sept 24. Then join us for a mini weeklong Crochet-a-Long to wrap up the event.

Other Pineapple & Pine Events…

Designer Spotlight

Every other month, Pineapple & Pine will be hosting a themed Designer Spotlight. Each day will feature a different designer. We will be accepting applications to join during the month prior. To stay updated on when applications open be sure to follow on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter! And to check out some of our past Designer Spotlights, click the button below!


Now if you’re not familiar with that term, I’m here to help! A Crochet-a-Long, or CAL, is when a group of makers gets together and all makes the same thing. This can look different depending on the group. Perhaps they all pick a design of choice from a particular library, or they all make whatever they want in a certain genre. This particular style of CAL will be a predetermined project with weekly updates for the next section. And as an added bonus, many of our CAL’s will be exclusive collaborative designs!

Pineapple & Pine will occasionally host free Crochet-a-Longs. These CAL’s will either feature a specific designer or new, exclusive P&P Collaborative Design. We think CAL’s are a great way to share new designs with you and connect with crochet community at the same time. Be sure to join to Facebook group where you can share photos and interact with other makers that are participating in the CAL.

Design Collaborations

This is a fun, new idea that we are incorporating to create some exclusive P&P designs. Designers will work together in small groups to contribute to a finished design. These designs will be released as crochet-a-longs with a blog hop twist.

Designers will be hosting their contribution on their own websites during the crochet-a-long. Each week, we will feature the respective designer’s blog. And if you don’t have a blog space of your own, but want to join in, Sarah and I will be opening up our blogs for guest posts.

This is a great way for designers to network, and new designers to get a feel for the process. It’s also a great opportunity for exposure and traffic for your blog. For more information about the next opportunity to apply, follow us on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter!

Our Designs

Here’s a few free crochet designs that Pineapple & Pine has already completed. Feel free to check them out at tag us on Instagram @pineapple.and.pine so we can see! We love sharing your projects with our maker community!