Pattern Tester Application

Thanks so much for your interest in being a pattern tester for Crafting for Weeks! I appreciate your time and effort in making my patterns user-friendly. Below is some need-to-know info on my pattern testing process. If all this sounds good to you, submit your testing application through the link below!

Perks of Testing

Whether you’re new to testing patterns or your practically a professional, the process of testing can be a really great experience. Aside from the obvious perk of getting first look at new patterns, you will often meet other makers and designers. This is a great chance to network and make connections in the maker community. It is also an interesting challenge making items that may or may not be perfected yet and getting to work with the designer on making great finished items. In my personal experience, testing patterns is a great way to learn new techniques, styles, and stitches by getting the chance to implement them right away. Plus its a lot of fun!


I require a few things from my testers. I try not to be burdensome, as I know you’re not paid employees. My requirements are as follows:

  1. You need to be able to model the item you are making. Please only apply for sizes that you or someone you can readily photograph can wear.
  2. You must provide and post to social media at least at least one well-lit photo of your finished project and one progress photo. Additional photos are appreciated, but not required.
  3. You must finish and submit required notes and photos on the provided form by the deadline date.
  4. You must participate in a group chat in Instagram. This will require testers to have an established Instagram account.
  5. You agree to protect my intellectual property by not copying, reproducing or distributing my pattern.

Here are a few other things that I appreciate greatly, but don’t require at this time:

  • Adding your project to Ravelry
  • Posting extra progress photos or additional project shots
  • Promoting pattern releases on social media
  • Tell your maker friends (but only if you love it!)


Deadlines are so very important to designers. Often pattern notes are crucial to releasing patterns on time, so it is important that notes are submitted by the required deadlines. Failure to do so will result in an invoice for the pattern and removal from further testing opportunities. Please only apply for patterns that you can finish in the allotted time frame.

Your Skills

I like to use testers that have some experience with crochet, however, this does not mean that beginners should not apply. If you are a beginner, the expectation is for you to learn the stitches required to complete the pattern on your own. If you need resources and videos to accomplish this, please do not be afraid to ask in the group chat. I will be happy to provide links for you to learn stitches and techniques you are unfamiliar with.


Patterns that are in the testing phase are unfinished. They may be missing photos or tutorial links. They may also have typos and errors. By agreeing to be a pattern tester, it is important to recognize that the patterns are not in finished condition. I simply ask for your help and patience with errors.

I cannot choose everyone. As much as I would like to accommodate everyone that applies, I only have a limited number of tester slots for each pattern. To increase your chances of being chosen, be sure that you have quality photos on your Instagram page. I’m looking for photos in natural light.


Pattern testers will be provided with a finished copy of the PDF of the pattern they are testing. They will also be featured on social media, either via stories or main feed, and credited for their work and photo in such posts.

Finished testing your project? Submit your notes and photos here!