Ok, I could barely contain myself waiting to post this one. I just sent my first set of crochet Christmas stockings to their new home, so it’s now safe to post about them. A friend of mine, who was attempting to learn to crochet, mentioned to me that her family didn’t have any stockings because her early attempts at making them didn’t go so well. So immediately I began planning their family gift. But then I started to feel weird about making them stockings, like it was too personal to just make on a whim. So after verbally debating with myself in the presence of my husband, he told me to just ask her (duh, so obvious right?…There’s a reason he’s perfect for me). Anyway, after getting the go-ahead and some color preferences, I had to do a little searching because honestly, I had no idea how to actually crochet a stocking.

After perusing Pinterest for free patterns, I decided to splurge a bit, support another crocheter, and actually buy a pattern. I loved this pattern from Sincerely Pam. It was pretty easy to follow. I got to the heel and decided I wanted the stockings to be a little larger, so I unraveled (sigh…a painful moment for any crocheter). I added a couple increasing rows to the toe of the stocking, and that gave me the size I was looking for. It required me to adjust some numbers by adding stitches on the heel, but it worked out okay.

Since I wanted them to be slightly unique, but obviously a set, I used different color combinations for each stocking. I used the same four colors on all the stockings, but changed the arrangement and striping. This also required a little bit of adjusting for row counting, but since I made the original stocking design first, I just compared the sizes as I went.

For one last finishing touch, I decided to personalize them. Since their family uses a lot of nicknames, I decided that just the first initial would be the best choice. I found these free crochet alphabet patterns from Moogly, and using a size E hook, they turned out perfect-sized. Overall, I was so happy with the finished product. If it wasn’t for the fact that my Grandma has been making all our family stockings for the last 50+ years, I would be tempted to replace ours.

Here they are:




Don’t they make an adorable set?! Also, I thought it was pretty funny that their initials spelled JAM.


Happy Crafting!