With a couple projects in progress, but not quite finished I decided it’s the perfect time to profile another maker. So today I’m writing about Rebecca at Rags by Rebecca. I met Rebecca in a B/S/T fan group for Nena & Co (yes, there’s a fan group). Aside from having Guatemalan handbags in common, turns out that we both love to crochet. Rebecca graciously agreed to be my first Maker Monday profile.

Rebecca is a crocheter out of Texas, who specializes in handmade chenille blankets. She started crocheting at a nice early age of 9 years old, and credits her Great-Aunt Betty with teaching her the art of crochet. Like so many of us, she was crocheting back before crocheting was cool. She started making blankets in her teens, and continued by making them for each of her three children and special gifts for friends. After making dish rags for a teacher as a gift a few years ago, she started getting requests for more handmade items. Rags by Rebecca was born.

Dish rags turned to chenille blankets. She has also recently branched out into amigurumi and accessories.

Among her blanket styles is mermaid tail blankets.

She also mentioned making a temperature blanket last year that ended up being a laughable 12 feet long. I love how she’s started making amigurumi dolls to match her blankets.

I asked Rebecca what her favorite things to make were, and you won’t be shocked to hear that she said blankets. The more colorful the better. You can definitely tell from her work!


Rebecca uses special handmade crochet hooks for her bulkier projects. She called them her prized possessions. She got her hooks from Nelsonwood on Etsy. His handmade crochet hooks are stunning!

She hopes to try her hand at crocheting clothing items at some point. Eventually she’d like to set up an Etsy shop and blog of her own, but for now you can check her out and see more of her work on Facebook at Rags by Rebecca.

All photos were taken from Rags by Rebecca and used with permission.

If you’re a maker and interested in being profiled, follow my page and feel free to drop me a line on my contact page. Happy Crafting!

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