As some of you might know, we’re getting ready to move.This means packing up our house. I like to pack slowly and methodically in each room individually and organize/get rid of unnecessary items in the process. Boxes are labeled by room for easy unpacking in the next place. My husband disagrees with my methods a bit, mostly the snail pace speed at which they’re done; he would rather quickly (and randomly) throw things in plastic bags, load them in the truck, and figure it all out later. Since I’m at home, and I have to do most of the “figuring out later”, my method typically trumps his.

Anyway, I started my packing process, with my craft area, knowing it would likely take the longest to organize. I wanted to downsize a bit too, if possible. One of the most obvious items was the remnants of a 10-lbs box of Poly-fil stuffing. This was actually leftover from a project I did probably a year ago. I made my son a set of 3 giant floor pillows for a reading area in his room. I opted to make them, rather than buy, so I could match the bright primary colors in his room. He was so excited about them, and they make reading time so much better since I can sit on the giant squishy pillow instead of the floor. This photo was from a little over a year ago, but the pillows are still in great shape, and one of them lines the floor of the teepee he got for Christmas.


So anyway, I had a bunch of leftover stuffing, and quite a few large scraps. Since Titus doesn’t need another floor pillow in his room, I offered to make one for a friend of mine’s little guy. There’s quite a few tutorials out there several different styles. I referred to this tutorial at Mandy Made. Basically, it’s two 36″x 36″ pieces and four 7″ x 36″ pieces. I opted for printed duck canvas for my pillows, but since I was using scraps, I had to do a bit of piecing with the scraps to get them to the right size. I still had enough to make a 36″ pillow, it just had a more patchwork look than I had originally done for Titus.

Now, I must warn you, I’m not a very experienced seamstress. I sewed these all up and left one corner open for stuffing, but I’m terrible with box corners. My corners are sloppy and the seams are crooked. I have no special tips or tricks for you in that arena, just reassurance that once it’s sewn and stuffed, you can’t really tell if your seams aren’t perfect. Once I was ready to stuff, Titus was pretty excited to help me out.


For these giant 36″ pillows, you kinda need the whole 10-lbs box of stuffing, so I ended up supplementing with a bit of extra stuffing. After it was nice and squishy, I sewed up the open end with a simple whip stitch. Titus was more than happy to help me field test it once it was all finished. He had fun having one of these big pillows in the family room and not just his bedroom.

And that was it. We sent the pillow to its new home a few days later, so I now have a big empty box to pack with, less scraps in my sewing bin, and a friend with a happy toddler. Win, win, win! I might eventually make some smaller floor pillows for our family room. It’s kinda fun to go to the fabric store and match up coordinating fabrics. But for now, just purging, organizing, and packing. I won’t have much more in the crafting arena for a couple of weeks. I do have a crochet pattern for a chunky newborn hat that I’ll put up in a few days, but besides that, all my crafts supplies are packed away. So until then, happy crafting!