So today I wanted to share a DIY tutorial on one of the items I carried in my Etsy shop: the fan tassel. A fan tassel is essentially a series of small tassels stacked on top of each other. I’ve been meaning to post this one for awhile, but got bogged down with custom orders and was lacking on time to write. So without further ado, let’s get started on this DIY Fan Tassel.



Size 10 Crochet Thread (approx 75 yds per tassel)

Large Tassel Maker

Sharp Scissors

Measuring tape or ruler

Small comb

Tapestry needle

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I opted to go with a rainbow style tassel. I have quite a bit of crochet thread on hand leftover from previous orders, so I decided to use a lot of colors and 6 tiers. Now, I can normally get about 5 tassels from one spool of crochet thread (350 yds). If you want to use multiple colors,  bear in mind that you will need multiple spools of thread. I chose 6 different colors plus one more for the cord. I’m using Artiste Cotton Crochet thread, however, this brand is only carried by Hobby Lobby, so if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, any size 10 crochet thread will do. I have used Aunt Lydia’s and DMC (which you can find at Michael’s and use a 40% off coupon!) with good results as well.

Now, first you will need to make a cord. To do this you will take about 8 lengths of crochet thread approximately 6 feet long.

Next, you need to fold the thread in half and begin twisting it into a cord. I like to weigh one side down while I’m working (with a pumpkin in this case). To make the cord, you simply twist the two sides between your fingers then cross them one over the other making sure to continue twisting as you go.

Once you’ve finished the cord, you will simply tie it off. Then you’ll make another knot at the bottom end. At this point you’re ready to start adding tassels!

So when you’re adding tassels, make sure to start with the color you want at the bottom. I use the large Clover tassel maker on the smallest setting to make my tassels. You could also make it with the smaller version of the tassel maker on the largest setting, however, I prefer to make them a little longer so I can trim them evenly.

So first up is purple. Simply begin wrapping the crochet thread around the tassel maker. Try to wrap evenly across. I like to wrap across 100 times, and then back 100 times, and depending how full I want the tassel to be across 50-100 more times. So approximately 250-300 wraps total. (Pro tip: I do slightly more wraps on the bottom tassel because it does not have a tier below it to make it look more full. Each of the other tiers I do about 250-275 wraps.)


Once I’m done wrapping my thread, I take a piece of matching crochet thread approximately 18 inches long and tie it around my thread at the center of the tassel maker. You’ll want it to be just below the center, so the top half is slightly longer than the bottom half (weird, but trust me).

Now before I tighten it, I’m going to take my cord and slip it into the center of my wrapped thread, making sure the knot is below the thread. The knot placement isn’t super important quite yet, as we’ll adjust it in a second.


Now tighten your thread. I like to use a series of half square knots (think of the first step of tying your shoes) around the front, then back, of the work until I can tighten it easily without it coming undone. Then I’ll secure it with a full square knot.

Once its tied, holding the tassel steady, cut along the top and bottom edges of the tassel maker.

Then you should have something like this.

Now, we’ll adjust that knot. Simply slide the cord through the tassel until its just below the center thread.

Next fold the top half of the tassel down over the bottom half (Hint: this is why the top half should be just slightly longer). Then using a small comb, comb the threads into place.

Now, taking another 18 inch piece of matching thread, tie off the tassel about 1/2″ below the top. (Pro tip: Try to make sure that your knot is tucked away in there). Then tuck the ends into the center of your tassel using a tapestry needle.

Once I’ve reached this point, I like to trim my tassel to keep things neat. I definitely recommend doing this over a garbage can, as it tends to be messy.

Now, it’s time to add another tassel. So you could just add it to the cord and allow your tassels to slide freely up and down. However, I prefer to have them securely in one spot. So to do this, I will need another knot on my cord. I measure approximately 1-1/4″ away from the top of the previous tassel and tie a knot.

Then I will wrap my next tassel.

When I thread my cord through this time, I will have to come from the bottom, still making sure that the knot is below the center thread.

Follow the same steps of tying and cutting your tassel. Then you will adjust the cord so that the knot is right below your center thread again.

Tie off the top of your tassel and then trim.

Repeat these steps for you desired number of tassels.

When you’re finished you should have something fun like this. All ready to use on a bag or backpack.


Hope you have fun with this one. I’d love to see some finished photos of yours, so either tag me on Instagram or stop by my Facebook page and leave me a comment. Until next time, Happy Crafting!



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