So the other day, I finally got around to making a baby registry for the new little guy. With the second kiddo, I didn’t feel like we needed a lot of stuff, y’know, diapers, wipes and baby soap, maybe. But once I got to Target, suddenly little man needed a new wardrobe too! Darn those adorable tiny clothes. Anyway, since it was after Christmas, Target had a bunch of winter stuff on clearance, and I just couldn’t resist a little newborn outfit. When I got home, I realized that I just happened to have some chunky yarn that matched. Score!


So, before I packed up my hooks and yarn for the big move next week, I whipped up this tiny newborn hat. My first little guy refused to wear hats up until recently, so I’m determined to get this one used to hats right away. Cause let’s be honest, little boys in tiny hats are just the cutest thing ever.

I ended up frogging my work once or twice trying to get the hat sized correctly. I wanted to keep it pretty stretchy, so as not to squeeze his soft little head. However, my 2-year-old had hidden my size P hook, which I later found under the couch cushion, so I had to use my L hook which makes the bulky yarn stitches a bit tighter. I did half double crochets to start and once my hat diameter reached the proper size, I switch to double crochets. When I’m sizing hats, one of my favorite resources is a blog called Creating Beautiful Things in Life. She has some tutorials for beginning crocheters, but my absolute favorite is blog about hat sizing with a comprehensive sizing chart. I reference this particular blog post all the time when I’m designing or adjusting a pattern. You can find it here.


I decided that this squishy, little hat needed some ribbing on the headband and a giant pom-pom to top it off. I’m going to do a photo tutorial next on different styles or ribbing for headbands, so keep an eye out for that one. Pretty happy with this little hat overall, and it worked up in about 30 minutes. Now, hopefully, my little guy has a normal-sized head. Happy crafting, everyone!


Crochet Ribbed Baby Hat w/Pom-Pom

Materials Needed:

1 Skein of Size 6 Bulky Yarn

Size L (8mm) Hook

Pom maker (optional)


Stitches Used:

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet

BPDC – back post double crochet

FPDC – front post double crochet

BPSC – back post single crochet

FPSC – front post single crochet

SL ST – slip stitch

CH – chain



  1. With L hook, magic circle. Ch 1.
  2. Hdc in magic circle. Repeat 7 times. Join to first hdc with a sl st.(8)
  3. Ch 1. 2 Hdc in first stitch and each stitch around. (16)
  4. Ch 1. Hdc in first stitch. *2 Hdc in next stitch. Hdc in next stitch.* Repeat from * until last stitch. Join with sl st. (24) (Note: Diameter should be approx 4.5″ at this point.)
  5. Ch 2. DC in first stitch, and each stitch around. Join with sl st. (24)
  6. Repeat Step 5
  7. Repeat Step 5
  8. Ch 2. FPDC around first stitch, BPDC around next stitch. Repeat around. Join with sl st.
  9. Repeat Step 8
  10. Ch 1. FPSC around first stitch, BPSC around next stitch. Repeat around. Join with sl st. Fasten off, weave in ends.
  11. Add pom-pom (optional)