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17+ Beautiful Baskets to Crochet for Your Home

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Crochet baskets are one of my favorite ways to incorporate crochet into my home. They’re useful for organizing, versatile in decorating, and overall pretty simple to make.

Today I’ve made a list of lovely crochet basket patterns from myself and a variety of other designers for you to try out. I’ve included some of my personal favorite basket patterns so you’ve got a beautifully curated list of free crochet patterns to choose from.

How to Use your Crochet Baskets

Need some ideas for how to use your crochet baskets?! There’s so many fun ways to use your finished pieces. The skies the limit incorporating these into your household decor. Here’s a few of my favorite ideas…

  • Organizing Shelves
  • Blanket Storage
  • Styling Plants
  • Gift Holder
  • Crochet Project/Yarn Holder
  • Carryall Tote
  • Wall Art
  • Seasonal Holiday Gifting
  • Toy Storage

Are Baskets Easy to Make?

The short answer is yes! If you’re a beginning crocheter, you may be wondering if you’re ready for a basket yet. While baskets can range in difficulty levels, most baskets are beginner crochet projects. Things that can increase the difficulty of a basket are unique shapes (think non-circular baskets), color work, and intricate stitch combinations/techniques.

If you’re looking for the easiest baskets to start, look for baskets with round bases. Some key words to look for are basic or simple when you’re searching for a pattern. These patterns are going to use simple stitches that you will likely already know.

I also personally believe that baskets made with bulky yarn are great confidence builders for beginners. They work up quickly and bulky yarn tends to be more forgiving with tension when you’re making that base.

What Materials do you Need?

Most crochet basket patterns will only require yarn, a crochet hook, and a stitch marker. Some baskets might call for some unique finishing details like a wooden ring to hang, leather strips for handles, or even rope.

Crochet baskets patterns can be made in a variety of different yarn weights. However, most baskets use worsted weight (CYC 4) or higher. Many basket patterns may even call for yarn strands held together to create a thicker yarn to work with. Using a thicker yarn when making a basket will create a sturdier structure allowing the basket to stand on its own.

Free Crochet Basket Patterns

Celtic Weave Nesting Baskets

Photo Credit:

This lovely trio uses crochet cables and cotton yarn to make a stunning crochet baskets. The jute handle wrap finish gives theses beauties some great added texture as well. The free pattern is available at MJ’s Off the Hook Designs.

Herringbone Single Crochet Basket

This one is for all the plant lovers out there! This pattern showcases a unique herringbone stitch to give you some beautiful texture. This free crochet basket pattern is available in 3 sizes from Briana K Designs.

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Chunky Crochet Basket

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We all love a good chunky basket, am I right? This beautifully textured crochet basket from Ned and Mimi features super bulky yarn and a stunning diagonal stitch. You can find the free pattern at Ned & Mimi.

Basic Crochet Baskets

This is one of my personal favorites because of both the size and simplicity. These simple to make baskets are budget friendly and use an easy stitch (perfect for beginners!). You can find the free pattern for these baskets at Delia Creates.

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Jessie Stash Basket

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There’s never a miss with TLYarncrafts crochet designs, and the Jessie Stash Basket is no exception. This fabulous basket features great texture, a unique shape, and super bulky yarn. Plus its the perfect spot to stash even more yarn!

Brecken Basket

The Brecken Basket is a fun twist on a simple design. This sturdy basket uses bulky yarn to create a basket perfect for storage or covering those larger plants. Mix it up with stripes or keep it simple with all solid color. Find the free pattern + video tutorial at The Turtle Trunk.

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Onyx Nesting Baskets

plants inside of decorative baskets

Mix up your textures and learn to crochet around a rope with the Onyx Nesting Baskets. This free pattern comes in 4 sizes and can be found right here at Crafting for Weeks.

Chunky Crochet T-shirt Yarn Basket

Have some t-shirt yarn that needs some inspiration? Here’s the crochet basket for you! This simple basket uses up-cycled t-shirt yarn and an old belt to create a stunning home decor piece. Find the free pattern at Blue Star Crochet.

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Suzette Crochet Hanging Basket

Photo Credit: madebygootie

The Suzette Crochet Hanging Basket is a more unique take on a traditional basket. This functional art piece is perfect for plants, yarn, or even grab-and-go items near the door. Find the free pattern at Made by Gootie.

Crochet Nesting Baskets

This fun set of nesting baskets are perfect organization pieces for your home. These crochet baskets feature a knit-like stitch and work up quickly with super bulky yarn. Find the free pattern at A Crafty Concept.

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Hartfield Crochet Hanging Basket

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These beautiful hanging baskets are perfect for both organization and decor! They feature cotton yarn and are finished with a bit of leather. You can find the free pattern for these chic crochet baskets at Stitching Together.

Purrfect Cat Crochet Basket

This basket is just the purrfect mix of novelty and modern style. While this adorable basket is ideal for cat lover’s everywhere, you could easily leave off the finishing details for a classic crochet basket. Find the free basket pattern from With Alex.

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Scrap Yarn Crochet Basket

Photo Credit: my

I have a special place in my heart for scrappy projects, so I’m especially in love with this Scrap Yarn Crochet Basket. This stunning piece uses up those forgotten skein and little bits of yarn. Find the free pattern at My Poppet Makes.

Basile’s Toy Basket

This crochet basket is designed specifically with little ones in mind. Basile’s Toy Basket also uses multiple strands of yarn making it excellent for scrap-busting! Find the free basket pattern at Knitting with Chopsticks.

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Sea Waves Basket

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Nothing like a bit of color work to liven up a simple crochet project! The Sea Waves Basket uses tapestry crochet and t-shirt yarn to create the effect of ocean waves. You can find the free pattern at Raffamusa Designs.

Teton Crochet Baskets

This beautiful trio is actually a fully adjustable basket pattern. While you can use the stitch counts to create the sizes shown, you can also adjust the pattern to make it whatever size you want! Not to mention the great texture and fun finishes. Find the free pattern from Briana K Designs.

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Alda Nesting Baskets

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You’ve gotta love the beauty of a simple design with a subtle texture. The Alda Nesting Baskets from Christa Co Designs are just that. These cuties use worsted weight yarn and come in three sizes!

Crochet Baskets

These mini baskets are perfect for all the little notions in your life. They feature a simple stitch and super bulky yarn to work up super quickly. Bonus…they’re reversible! Find the free pattern at Desert Blossom Crafts.

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Luxe Leopard Basket

The Luxe Leopard Basket is a fun addition to your indoor jungle. It’s perfect for plant lovers, as its designed specifically to cover nursery pots. It’s also a stunning piece for organizing your space. Find the free pattern here on my blog!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this set of crochet basket patterns. I’ll periodically add to it as I find more great patterns, so be sure to pin this post so you can find it again.

And if baskets aren’t your thing, check out some of my other Home Decor designs. Maybe you’ll find something that is!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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