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Caron X Patone Rainbow Gradient Baby Blanket: A free pattern

So today I wanted to share the pattern I worked up using the Caron X Pantone yarn. I posted recently about my thoughts on this yarn and how I got it ready to use quickly (you can find that post here). With baby girl coming in just under 10 weeks, I have definitely have baby on my mind. I decided to get several skeins and make a baby blanket. 

While I mentioned in the other post some of the cons of this yarn, one of the things I really liked was how soft it is. Because its a aran weight (aka heavy worsted), it works up fairly quickly, and the colors are so vibrant.

For a stroller size blanket, approximately 30″ x 36″, I needed 8 skeins. I used Spicy Blossoms, Strawberry Chill, Fuchsia Foliage, Summer Forest, Frozen Berry, Purple Pops, Ultraviolet Minerals, and Faerie Cakes (not pictured Summer Forest and Ultraviolet Minerals). While the price on these is $7.99 per skein, because you don’t need to match dye lots, you can but them separately and use coupons if you’d like. I stopped by Michael’s to pick these up over the course of a couple weeks while I was out running errands. Some of them I got for up to 60% off, so if you’re on a budget but like the yarn, that’s definitely an option to consider.

First, I took them apart and made them into cakes. Then I arranged them in a sort of rainbow gradient fashion. (I’ll post the order I used at the end of this post.) I actually found a spot where I could just leave them in order and grab a few cakes when I had time to sit down and work. I found that each color allowed for about 2 complete rows of half double crochet and 1 complete row of single crochet. This left around 18 – 36″ leftover of each color, with the exception of the very first color. At first it feels a bit like you’re playing “yarn chicken” as you’re approaching the last row of the color you’re using. But after a few color changes, you get used to it.

The color changes occur every row, but you’ll really only be dealing with two colors at a time. You won’t pick up a new color until you finish the first of the two you’re working with. When you’re done, though, you’ll have quite a few ends to weave. I found this tutorial for sewing away ends at Look What I Made to be really helpful. In fact, I found the weaving process to kind of methodical and therapeutic. I usually dread it, but I actually didn’t mind the mindless work while I was watching tv in the evenings after the kiddos went to bed.

I had quite a few yarn ends leftover, so I may end up making a matching little lovey toy with my yarn scraps. And I liked the simplicity of the striping, so I opted to not put a border on it. My husband says it reminds him of a Mexican serape blanket; my intent was a subtle gradient, but either way I love how it turned out. I haven’t decided if this one will stay here for baby girl or if it will be a gift for someone else, but in the meantime, my blanket-loving toddler has already decided he likes this one.

Hope you enjoy this blanket! Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Kelsie W.

Supplies Needed:

8 Skeins of Caron X Pantone Yarn

Size J/6.00mm Crochet Hook

Tapestry Needle

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Stitches Used:

Foundation Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Single crochet (sc)

Half double crochet (hdc)


Row 1: Using 1st color, foundation hdc 105.

Row 2: Ch 1 and turn. Sc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 3: Attach 2nd color. Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 4: Attach 1st color. Ch 1 and turn. Sc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 5: Attach 2nd color. Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across.

(From this point I will refer to color changes as Next Color NC and Following Color FC)

Row 6: Attach NC. Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 7: Attach 2nd color. Ch 1 and turn. SC in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 8: Attach NC. Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 9: Attach FC. Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Row 10: Attach NC. Ch 1 and turn. Sc in first stitch and each stitch across.

Repeat pattern from Row 6-10 (Hdc Next Color, sc Previous color, Hdc Next color, Hdc Following color, sc Next Color…etc) See below photo for example of pattern repeat.

Row 120: Using last color, sc across. Tie off.

Finishing: Tie ends and weave into corresponding color rows. Add an optional border.

Color Order: 

This is the order I used for the blanket.  Letters correspond to the skein used: Fuschia Foilage FF, Spicy Blooms SB, Strawberry Chill SC, Frozen Berry FB, Ultravoilet Minerals UVM, Purple Pops PP, Faerie Cakes FC, Summer Forest SF. Numbers correspond to the color on the palette.

  1. SB 17-1723
  2. FF 18-2436
  3. SC 18-1755
  4. FF 17-1462
  5. FC 11-0606
  6. PP 16-0737
  7. SF 13-0442
  8. SF 19-0516
  9. SF 19-0315
  10. SF 16-5806
  11. SF 15-5706
  12. FC 12-5209
  13. FC 14-4812
  14. FB 17-5034
  15. FC 15-4722
  16. FF 19-0315
  17. PP 19-4324
  18. UVM 18-3838
  19. UVM 13-3406
  20. UVM 16-3307
  21. FB 18-2929
  22. PP 16-3307
  23. PP 13-3406
  24. PP 18-3838
  25. UVM 18-3712
  26. UVM 15-3912
  27. FB 19-4044
  28. FB 17-4540
  29. FC 16-4834
  30. SC 14-4809
  31. FB 13-4103
  32. FF 16-5806
  33. SC 19-5408
  34. FF 13-0442
  35. SC 14-1210
  36. SB 17-1462
  37. SB 17-1452
  38. SB 18-1561
  39. SB 18-2436
  40. SC 18-1633


I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 little ones that loves to create with yarn. I design crochet patterns, and create tutorials for fun crafts.

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