Boys Baseball Room, Part 4: The Finished Result

So its been awhile. With lots of things going over the holidays, the first thing to neglect was the blog. But I’m back and ready to show you the finished baseball-themed nursery.

So I’ll get right to it. Here’s the “nursery” before. It was kinda the catch-all space. It was previously the “army room” where my husband kept all his gear, that occasionally doubled as the guest bedroom. When I was ready to finally get the baby out of our bedroom, the guest bed went to our toddler, and the crib went here. And that’s about all the transitioning we did for our poor little monkey. So after a couple weeks of restless naps, I decided that we needed to fix up his space.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I was trying to do this with a minimal budget, that centered largely around some baseball wall art from my husbands childhood. I started by making this baseball hat rack shelf. You can find my post about it here. And then I hung one of the larger wall art pieces above it.

Next I made some pennant banners to liven up the boring (but very necessary) blackouts curtains. You can find my post about the banner here. The baseball pennants really helped add some color and stay with the theme, plus I had a little extra to hang over the other poster.

Next up was fixing up the old dresser. You can find my post about the dresser here. My husband’s parents gave it to us, and although it wasn’t in bad shape, it was a little boring. Plus it was free, so no big loss if it didn’t work out. I feel like I could do it better if I did it again, but I’m happy with the end result (and no, I still haven’t replaced the lost drawer pull).

Lastly, the room just needed some finishing touches to make it feel complete. For a toy box, I fixed up this old wicker covered chest that was leaving tiny bits of wood in my carpet. i wanted to salvage it because it’s lightweight, so when the lid closes, no finger get hurt. So, I cut off the disintegrating outer shell, reinforced any broken area with cardboard, and covered it with fabric using a hot glue gun. I finished it off by cutting out some foam letters and glueing them on. I think I spent about $5 on the fabric and about $2 on the foam.

Next, I found this baseball lamp online. It was one of the few pieces that I decided was worthwhile to purchase instead of try to make. I was lucky and found it on a discount site for $19.99 instead of the $49.99 that it was on most sites, so not bad at all. I also stuck a little wooden house on top of the dresser as well. My husbands grandfather makes them, and I felt like this one went well with his room.

The final touch was stealing the area rug from my toddlers room. He got a new Thomas the train rug (yep, his room will be trains) for Christmas, so he was okay with letting his old rug go. Overall, it was a big improvement for very little money. And once we got it cleaned up, he actually likes playing in there (and sleeping! woohoo!).

So there’s my finished Baseball themed nursery. We’re currently working on my toddler’s room now, but that’s not going anywhere fast. We’re also updating our bedroom, again, a slow-moving project. But now that this series is finished, I’ll be onto new, crafty things!

Until then, Happy Crafting!



I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 little ones that loves to create with yarn. I design crochet patterns, and create tutorials for fun crafts.

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