Meet Kelsie

I’m the Maker and Designer behind Crafting for Weeks! You might call me a “Crochet-at-Home mom” with three adorable boys and one little girl. I’ve been married to my handsome husband for nearly 12 years and am currently enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest.

The Name Origin

I started this site to showcase some of my nap-time handiwork. When I started out, one might have called me a “jack-of-all-trades, and a master of none”. If you can find it on Pinterest, I’ve probably pinned it, bought the supplies, maybe started it, and, quite likely, left if half finished somewhere in my house. However a several years ago, I found my niche with crochet and crochet design. I was inspired by my blogger role models to keep a majority of my content free to share with you all. 

My blog name of Crafting for Weeks was two-fold. First, that’s my last name! And second, it literally takes me weeks to finish things. #Momlife, am I right?! I hope to showcase a wide variety of tips, tricks, and resources for different craft ideas, and hopefully inspire others to do something creative as well. Enjoy!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

How I Learned to Crochet

I’ve always been very interested in creative endeavors. But, as much as I enjoy some of my other crafts, crochet is definitely one of my favorite activities. I originally learned to crochet and knit from my grandma when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. In college, one of my classmates taught a few of us how to crochet hats and reignited my interest in crochet.

Once I got married, I found myself living the military lifestyle of constantly moving from place to place. It was difficult to find a job, so I started crocheting again in my free time. I learned a majority of what I know now from craft sites and Youtube videos, but I still credit my grandma with teaching me how to hold a hook, because lets be honest, that’s the hardest part. 

My Mission

My goals with this design business have varied over the years. I’ve tried to allow my mission to grow and develop with me. I want to provide access to free crochet patterns and encourage people to give crochet a try, just like I did.

AND in the process, I want to support my family both emotionally, by being able to work from home, and financially, by earning an income. That’s why you’ll find affiliate links, options to purchase PDF’s and ads on my website. Each of these things allow me to provide free resources to you and support my family, so thanks for being here!